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What We Do

About Elpis.Global

Elpis.Global specializes in Artificial Intelligence application in Medicine.

We built our analytics to be broad—to address the unique challenges in every step of a medical supply chain process. We’re working in advertising, retail, diagnostics, diagnoses, and treatment—.

Our vision is to pair powerful analytics with a rich, growing data pool—what we call a Data Ecosystem. We believe this combination of analytics and rich data will provide a level of unprecedented insight—something that lives up to the name of Artificial Intelligence.

Current Work in

Personalized Medicine

We’re working with healthcare companies to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations, optimize health insurance processing, and predict FDA approval of new drugs.

We’re also developing partnerships with medical device companies, to increase patient compliance with treatment regimens, pre-empt destructive behaviors, and minimize hospital visits. By integrating with the hardware on pulminary devices, and by using apps to track the behaviors of mental health patients, we are taking first steps into the Internet of Things.

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